Pheromone Cologne

If you have been doing a lot of reading for the past years you must have noticed something that is called pheromones right? Or if you haven’t heard about it yet or read about it somewhere you must have been living in a cave for these past few years have you? Anyhow pheromones are chemicals that are secreted from the bodies of animals to attract the fair opposite sex. Meaning if they are doing something (pertaining to animals) they would excrete the chemical to the air and they would attract the opposite sex. Now you would know why dogs can sniff their mates from a few yards away now would you?

Yes that is the reason in which why the animals has been here for quite some time now. Or they must have been using a language that would let them speak to each other with us not knowing about it. Well I would rather go with the fact that chemicals have way somewhat have to do with all these things. Anyhow animals have been using these chemicals for we don’t even know when they started using this but I am sure it wasn’t just last year. They have been doing this for so many years humans might have not existed yet and animals have been using this technique.

Anyhow studies have been made about human pheromones and they actually found out that we humans are also using this type of secretion. We just don’t know it yet and we are producing it in a very small amount that it won’t really matter. And for the fact that our noses aren’t that sensitive to smells to the heightened level like dogs have. Anyhow we are producing these chemicals that are excreted from our bodies and into the air to find our mates. But the thing is they are excreted in a very small amount that the opposite sex won’t even notice it.

But then maybe they do a play a big role in our mating habits we just don’t know it yet. Anyhow for years scientists have been working on the chemical to make synthetic copies of it. Making our pheromone amount much higher and giving us a huge advantage when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. Now some people that are using the product say that they can actually attract the opposite sex with a spark of eye to eye contact or conversations.

Now tests have also been made about the pheromone sprays and have garnered unexpected results as well. The thing about the chemical is that it can really attract the opposite sex, making that attracted individual not even sure what attracted them. Sounds like a love drug? Well it would not work if you have not bathed in the last few days though, nothing is like that. Anyhow one of the commercialised pheromones out there in the market would be nexus pheromones, try to read more about it so that you would have a better knowledge on the things you want to know before even buying yourself a box of these things.

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