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There has been countless numbers of rumours surrounding the release of the new iPhone. That would be the iPhone 5 for we already have the iPhon 4 that has been a big hit since 2010 and is still a big hit until now in 2011. But the rumours surrounding the release of a new iPhone is just so great that we are curious on what it would have. Now what would you expect to have in the new iPhone? It would be great if Apple would have the nerve to go and think outside the box this time. It would be great to see something that is out of the old iPhone and spin it up a little bit.

Now we all know that apple and its new generations just make little tweaks and upgrades internally and less on what it looks like generally. Come to think of it they are saying that the iPhone 5 would have a much thinner body and a larger screen, but that’s it? Honestly do you want to see a new iPhone that has very small tweaks or you would rather see a new phone that would outsmart all smart phones! Now that would be great for us consumers and great for the manufacturer for bringing a new phone in the market would be just great for both sides.

They should come up with new ideas to make people more excited in the new phone. For example the new video in Youtube now and we all know that it’s all made up, I don’t know if you have seen that video on YouTube about iPhone 5 having holographic images come out of the phone. But hey that could be the iPhone that people would buy! Would it be great if you would have something like a holographic interface in which you can type and watch movies in a holographic perspective? That can change the people think of smart phones and would raise the bar in the phone technology.

Now what would be your idea of a smart phone? My idea of a smart phone is that you can have all the power of a laptop and make it into a phone. Just imagine you can surf the web play games and do your emails in your phone. Now that would be what smart phones are doing now right? But just think of it if you can have a phone that can actually cross the barrier in which you don’t need to have a laptop then that would be great. Writing and performing tasks like huge bulk information transfers just within seconds would be a great improvement in the smart phone industry.

Actually the sky is the limit with phones, for the past few decades phones have evolved into somewhat futuristic devices we dreamt of a few decades ago. But now we use them as a part of our daily lives making our lives much more pleasant to live in. You can read countless reviews of the new iPhone 5 online today and you would also find Free Gifts and Free Stuff along the way. 

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