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HER designer dresses sell for up to £1,500 and she has a £62m property portfolio – so it's not surprising millionaire Victoria Beckham came under fire from the likes of Piers Morgan when it was revealed she'd furloughed staff at the taxpayers' expense.

Despite her estimated £335 million fortune, the former Spice Girl took advantage of the government scheme designed to help struggling businesses during the Coronavirus pandemic, furloughing 25 of her workforce and also foregoing her own salary in a bid to keep the business afloat.

However while her fashion label may be struggling, Victoria's personal wealth combined with husband David's has meant she can still maintain the luxurious lifestyle she's accustomed to.

The family have been regularly sharing images on their Instagram accounts from their luxury lockdown at their £6.15 mansion in the Cotswolds, and before restrictions they even splashed £100,000 party for eldest son's Brooklyn's birthday, which was attended by Stormzy.

Here, The Sun Online takes a closer look at Victoria Beckham's wealth, staggering assets and lavish lifestyle….

£8.9million engagement ring collection

While most people are happy enough to receive one engagement ring in their lifetime, Victoria Beckham has 14. 

The staggering collection, estimated to be worth £8.9million, makes up just part of the 46 year old's impressive jewellery stash.

David first popped the question with a 'modest' £65,000 three-carat marquise-cut diamond ring, and since then as Victoria's fashion taste has evolved, so has her bling. 

Now, she also has among her collection an emerald cut diamond band, thought to be worth £1.2million, a ruby with a diamond halo, and the most expensive ring within her collection – which boasts a ginormous diamond- is thought to be worth £2million.

Of course this only covers her engagement rings.

The designer's jewellery collection goes way beyond this, with David rumoured to have gifted her an £6.4million Bulgari necklace one year for Valentine's Day.

According to watchcollectors.co.uk, she also has a very impressive collection of watches, including a rose gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, thought to be priced at around £30,000.

Single handbags worth more than a house – £1.5million

Rarely seen without one, the handbag is not only practical, but a huge fashion statement for Victoria – and also an indication of her huge wealth.

Her collection of over 100 bags is rumoured to be worth £1.5million, and favours designer Hermes Birkin, with her bags ranging between £2,500 for a small bag up to £80,000 for a Himalayan diamond encrusted Birkin  – one of only three in the world.

However her collection has caused outrage among animal rights groups, as it includes multiple crocodile skin products, including a £16k black Birkin.

£50k a year on personal trainers and £30k veneers

It's not just handbags that contribute to Victoria's well-manicured look.

The singer also invests in beauty and fitness, and reports revealed at one point she was spending £50k on the top personal trainers, working out for two hours a day to maintain her super toned physique.

Her beauty regime is equally important. Victoria has previously also revealed she spends £493 per session on facials, and enjoys £130 personalised Bulgari Spa massages in West London when she needs to wind down.

Victoria also recently splurged £30k on a new shiny set of veneers, flying to LA to see a top specialist.

It wasn't the first time the designer, 45, has had her teeth done.

After springing to fame with the Spice Girls, she had her teeth whitened and straightened.

Lavish Miami skyscraper to country Cotswolds retreat – £62 million 

They recently purchased a £20million five-bed Miami apartment which boasts its own helipad and luxury pool, and the Beckham's full property portfolio, worth an estimated £62million, is enough to make anyone jealous.

Ordinarily while in the UK the family reside in their £31.5million London townhouse, which is made up of three floors and features a spa area, gym and two dressing rooms.

The family are currently spending lockdown in their Cotswolds mansion however – a Grade II listed farmhouse which has a plunge pool and sprawling grounds.

The lavish property also boasts a £14k sauna and steam room in the garden.

Three holidays in three months 

Despite their palatal homes, Victoria also ensures she gets away for a little respite and relaxation.

Before lockdown put a halt to travelling, the Beckham family were also partial to a jet-set lifestyle, and have had at least three holidays in the first three months of this year alone.

First up, they whisked the family away for some winter sun in January, spending time in Morocco, staying in a very extravagant-looking hotel, thought to have been the Royal Mansour, where a 'prestige riad' costs around £5,500 a night.

Victoria shared pictures of the plush looking interior on Instagram, jokingly writing "I really like a simple hotel."

In February Victoria also checked in to a £1,000 a night spa retreat in Germany following the news her fashion brand had suffered £12million losses.

The pampering holiday was just a week after the family had enjoyed a skiing break in Canada, hitting the slopes before indulging in evenings full of the finest food and booze.

Last year their family trips included a summer break in Miami, and a beautiful-looking getaway to Italy. 


Given the sheer extent of their assets, properties and lavish holidays, while Victoria's company may be struggling to stay afloat, it appears the fashion designer has yet to sacrifice her luxurious lifestyle.

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