Beauty fans are going mad over this mascara which gives you the longest lashes ever & it'll cost you less than a tenner

ASK any make-up fan and they'll tell you that a good mascara is the absolute holy grail of your kit – no questions asked.

But there's one in particular that's doing the rounds on TikTok for its incredibly dreamy results, with beauty fans being left with the longest, most luxurious lashes ever – and it's cheap as chips, as in less than a tenner cheap.

The magic wand in question is Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Sky High mascara which promises to volumize and extend every single lash from root to tip for a limitless length look – whoa, sounds dreamy.

What's more, no matter your lash type, the high street mascara (did we mention it's just a tenner? Yeah, we can't believe it either) will transform ALL lashes, according to the brand, "whether you’re uptown, downtown or heading crosstown" – your lashes will make an impact from every angle.

But don't take our word for it, just check out the dozens of clips going viral on TikTok from women who are blown away by the jaw-dropping results – especially because it costs just £9.99, an absolute steal.

The video that started the hype was posted by @jessica.c.eid, and ok, we admit the TikTok star partnered with the brand to promote the mascara, butthat hasn't stopped the hype from being absolutely real.

Unable to believe that one single, product could produce such magical, wispy lashes, beauty fans rushed out in droves to pick up the mascara to try it out themselves.

Unable to contain her excitement, TikTok user Zoe Roe admitted she found her new favourite mascara.

The beauty fan eagerly applied it to one eye before going in with a couple of coats and the difference in incredible.

Obviously impressed herself, she says in a clip: "Magic does exist" before urging her followers to buy it – stat.

Beauty guru Dèja, who has over 170k on the platform, wasn't immune to the magic of the eye product either.

While visibly less enthusiastic than Zoe, Deja was no less impressed by how the budget product made her lashes look.

After applying it to just one eye, the difference is HUGE – which seems to be the case with everyone who tries it.

  • Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Sky High mascara, 9.99 from Superdrug – buy here

Due to its TikTok fame, the mascara has sold out in America, and reportedly in Australia -but fortunately for those in the UK, Superdrug does have it in stock.

The must-have mascara is currently available at the health and beauty retailer but won't be officially released in the UK until April.

We might not be leaving the house any time soon, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with prancing around your home with fantastic looking lashes.

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