Beauty fans are using tumble dryer paper to de-frizz their hair for summer & it works an absolute treat

SUMMER means humidity, it means heat (hopefully) and for a lot of us that brings with it the dreaded hair frizz.

But you don't have to suffer in silence this season as a savvy TikToker has a hair hack to stave off the static

TikTok user Snconroy demonstrated how she tames her frizzy hair with the use of a tumble dryer sheet and it works an absolute treat.

In the short video she shows herself brushing our her hair and then wiping it down with a dryer sheet.

She said: "Ok so if you're like me and you brush out your hair once a year and it gets super 'staticky', I'm going to show you how to cure that.

"See all that lovely static, you're just going to go woop! And the static is gone."

She synchronised the "woop!" with a sweep of the drying sheet through her locks.

Fellow TikTok users were impressed by the inexpensive hack.

One said: "This video may save your life."

While another said: "I'm trying this out now!"


Another agreed that it's a great technique but warned that it will need topping up over time.

She said: "This is great! I do it to the inside of my t shirts when they have static!"

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