Bride in tears as mum steals the spotlight by trying on wedding dresses at her fitting on Say Yes To The Dress

FOR many mums, watching their daughters try on their wedding dress is one of the most special moments of their life.

However, one mum on Say Yes To The Dress decided to steal the spotlight and tried on wedding gowns at the same time – leaving the bride in tears.

Chassidy Rice, 24, from Ohio, appeared on the Atlanta version of the show, and took mum Harlene with her while she tried to find the perfect dress.

The bride told consultant Lauren: “Well today is my day, but my mother is also engaged.”

Harlene said: “It is her day, she is the focus, but there is always room for two. There are plenty of dresses for the both of us.”

Speaking to the camera, Chassidy said: “I really want today to be about me, but knowing my mother, she will be looking for dresses for herself.”

Chassidy said she was looking for a $3,000 classic, vintage dress for her wedding, which was taking place in seven months time.

Meanwhile, the weary bride said her mother was looking for something “outrageous” for herself, with sequins and jewels.

Cheeky Harlene told the cameras: “I would love to put on a dress today.”

Wearing one of the gowns from the store, Chassidy walked out to gasps from her bridesmaids – but there was one person absent.

Harlene had snuck away to try on a dress, and when she came out with it on, Chassidy broke down in tears. 

Chassidy said: “My mum walks in in the dress I just tried on only for her.

“She tried it on just as I took it off. I felt like my moment was over. Today was just about me but became about her.”

Sheepish Harlene said: “Maybe I should take it off.”

She added: “When I saw Chassidy’s response I really really regretted it. I felt like a villain.”

Thankfully, the team were about to perk Chassidy up and get her back in a dress she loved.

Chassidy said: “This is definitely my choice, this is me. I feel good, this dress makes me happy. 

“It is exactly what I want it to look like.”

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