Cosabella Pumps Up Inclusivity With New Underwear Sizes Across Genders

Cosabella is taking diversity and inclusion to the next level. 

The luxury lingerie brand will soon offer select underwear, sleepwear and swimwear styles that fit across all body types.  

The ​​new size categories are no longer defined by “women’s wear” or “men’s wear,” Guido Campello, co-chief executive officer and creative director at Cosabella, told WWD. 

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But Campello is quick to point out it’s not the same as gender-neutral products.

“Gender-neutral is the same cut small, medium or large across all body types,” he said. “It doesn’t take into consideration comfort, fit and support. As lingerie brands that’s what we have to do. Apparel brands can kind of run away from that. But in lingerie, you still need technical fit across the cup and band sizes, or else you’re not going to sell product.”

Cosabella will soon offer underwear in sizes that fit across all body forms. Courtesy Photo

The sizes will be available in Cosabella stores, and Journelle stores and its website, which is also owned by Campello and his wife Sapna Palep, in October. 

Meanwhile, Cosabella is in full-on expansion mode. 

In February, Cosabella teamed up with Free People for a design collaboration. One month later the brand launched beauty, starting with fragrances, followed by swimwear over the summer. This week, Cosabella is teaming up with branding agency King & Partners for a new logo, imagery in stores and a social media campaign. The innerwear business will also be beefing up its teen lines early next year.

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