From flirty to faithful, what your favourite ice cream flavour reveals about YOU

CHOCOLATE ice cream lovers tend to be flirty and sensual — while vanilla fans are pure, a flavour expert suggests.

Food psychologist Greg Tucker reckons which type we plump for reveals key personality traits.

He thinks those who like strawberry are sweet and innocent, coconut fans are adventurous and upbeat and those who like rum and raisin are rebels.

Greg believes ice cream is a uniquely soothing snack associated with happy childhood memories — and could even be linked to breast milk.

He said: “Just as the baby being fed leads to them being soothed, calmed and comforted, so these paired emotional benefits last into our later consumption of ice cream.

“Ice cream really is happy food. In such an emotionally rich environment, we should not be surprised the actual flavour choices reveal things about our mood and personality.”

A lick of choccy ice cream transports us to “a more relaxed, sexual and calmed state — a moment of true enjoyment and inner-directed reward,” he said.

Research from ice cream brand Wheyhey shows hazelnut fans tend to “earthy, honest and wholesome” while those who like mint choc chip are “hedonistic, faithful and relaxed”.

Greg said of the classic vanilla variety: “A person who chooses this is not seeking thrills and novelty, rather a more homely type of person who needs support and reassurance.”

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