Horrified woman finds old home owners have used JENGA blocks for repairs in her house

ONE woman got a hilarious shock after she found some very unusual home repairs in her new house.

Dakota Delaney shared the unusual find on TikTok after discovering how the property’s previous owner had repaired a toilet roll holder.

They used a peculiar item, which was none other than – Jenga blocks.

She shared the video with the comment: “When you buy a new home and find out how the previous owner fixed things.”

Dakota found the holder hanging out of the wall slightly, so she decided to investigate.

After giving it a slight tug, Dakota was left stunned as she fashioned two Jenga blocks filed down slotted into the wall.

The video has been viewed over 7.4million times and liked by over 1.3million.

People flooded into the comments, pointing out the irony of using Jenga blocks – a game notorious for its unstable structure – as a perfect means for home repairs.

One person commented: “Lucky your house didn’t fall down around you when you removed those two.”

Another said: “Ayo you’re only supposed to remove one at a time.”

Whilst many laughed at the repair, others thought it was a stroke of genius.

One user wrote: “Hey, if it works, it works.”

Another wrote: “You removed it and the house didn’t fall down so I’m pretty sure that means you won.”

The clip may have divided Dakota’s audience, but all that’s on her mind is how she can fix the ironic contraption.

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