How to cut your own fringe at home during lockdown – a step-by-step guide

Cutting your own hair at home is nobody’s first choice and can be slightly risky.

But while self-isolation keeps us indoors, it may be necessary for keeping on top of your hairdo. Here is some advice from the professionals.

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STEP 1: Wash and towel-dry the hair. Then get a comb and scissors and let your wife, partner or daughter brush their fringe to where it would normally sit, downward towards the eyes. This should be a triangular section. It is important not to bring too much hair forward from the back or it will be too thick. Then, put the rest of the hair in a ponytail.

STEP 2: Take an inch-wide section of fringe and comb it taut – bringing your fingers down their hair, keeping it tight to the bridge of the nose between the eyebrows. A bit of hair will be left hanging below your fingers.

STEP 3: For the next step make sure you cut just below your fingers, so the hair will have room to bounce back slightly when dried and you will not have cut the fringe too short. If you are not sure, leave it slightly longer and you can always come back to the job. Less is always more if you are not sure.

STEP 4: Repeat the previous steps – moving to the right and left of the fringe section, cutting with scissors held sideways, working all the way left then all the way right. Make sure you are only cutting a bit at a time. If you are ready to advance your skills, as you gain experience, face the scissors vertically to the fingers and chip-cut – this will give the haircut a softer finish.


According to Blush and Blow London hair stylist Ana Gomes, it is best to cut your hair when it is wet.

She said you should put your hair in a centre parting from your hairline to the nape of your neck. 

Ana advised: "Comb all the hair forward so it sits above the chest, tightly flatten the hair between your middle and index finger stop at your desired length and cut in a straight line.”

She continued that you should apply the same method to the other side to achieve a one-length haircut.

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