I got a back tattoo and it's my biggest regret – men love it but I hate the attention

GETTING A tattoo is something very special for many.

It’s something that is going to be on your body forever, so you want it to be perfect, right?

Recently we’re seeing more and more people share their awkward tattoo experiences online and here is another one that has got us all open-mouthed. 

But it’s not because it’s a bad tattoo – it’s what the tattooed woman thinks of her inking. 

The woman revealed her back tattoo was her "biggest regret" and admitted it gave her a lot of unwanted attention.

The beachgoer appeared on Australian TikToker Paul Sterratino's video as she was asked about the one thing she wished she hadn't got in the past.

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Paul, aka 'imthatannoying' asked: “What’s your biggest regret?” to which she said: "The tattoo on my back," as she turned around to show him, revealing a large inking in floral braid pattern.

The inking spans across the woman’s shoulders and reaches down to almost her waist.

Paul asked the woman: "Have you had any unexpected attention from it?" to which she replied: "Yeah I would say it's a bit of a d*** magnet – a lot of unwanted attention."

The video has clearly shocked many as it has racked up 41.7k views. 

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The video sparked discussions on TikTok, with some disagreeing with the woman.

One person said: "Are you kidding? Tattoos are the worst on women. Very few men like them.” 

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A second said: "Most women look so much better with no ink."

However, others were confused as to why the woman was wearing such a small crop top if she wasn’t happy with her large back tattoo. 

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One user asked: "So, wear a T-shirt?" 

Another commented: "But yet she is showing it off in a halter neck top…"

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