I got my daughter’s names and dates of birth tattooed on my ankle – then I noticed horror mistake | The Sun

A MUM was horrified when she realised a tattoo on her ankle that was meant to be a touching tribute to her two daughters had a glaring error.

She shared the tale with her TikTok followers and revealed her plans for a laser removal.

She said on TikTok: "Basically, I wanted two tattoos on my ankles. One saying Darcy, one saying Frankie, then on the back of my ankles, their dates of birth."

While the girl's names came out beautifully on mum Toni, the tattoo artist made a major blunder and wrote the birthdate for one of her daughters wrong.

Toni explained: "This six is meant to be a five!

"I spoke to my dad and he said 'did you not even look at the thing?'


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"Yes!! I looked at it!"

Toni said she told the tattoo artist about the mistake, but it seemed to be too late.

She reflected: "I just have unfortunate s*** happen all the time… but hey ho! It is what it is.

"Not many know Darcy's date of birth. That could have been worse."

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Her followers found the blunder hilarious, albeit very misfortunate.

One suggested: "If you cover the left bottom bit of the six with your finger it looks like a five! Can you not get that wee tiny dot lasered?"

Another woman definitely got more than she bargained for when she forked out for what should've been an inspirational inking.

The design is of a hand with butterflies and little stars above it, with the words 'you can let it go' underneath.

Although the sentiment might be quite nice, there's a major mistake she missed.

It turns out the hand in the design has six fingers instead of five, which probably wasn't what they were going for.

What's even more strange is it's hard to tell which finger is the extra one, since they all look oddly out of place.

"You're not letting anything go with those fingers," one commented on the post.

"I hope she got her money back," someone else wrote.

And other Facebook users joked the hand looked like it was "made with AI" because of the weird extra finger.

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"Did she copy it from a bad AI drawing? It's worse than bad," one said.

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