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WITH THE cost of living crisis putting people under huge financial pressure – many people are thinking of ways to top up their incomes.

While many of us are stuck doing a 9-5 or shift work, others are turning to side hustles to bring in extra cash.

And one mum, who was sick of living pay check to pay check revealed the side hustle she started to increase her income by five figures.

Andrea Nicole, from the US, shared on her TikTok account – Andrea The Affiliate, the easy way she makes money at home.

The mum added that she barely has to do any work to top up her income.

In the clip, she said: "How I went from living pay check to pay check to making an extra five figures in a few months on my phone."


I made £20k a month selling socks as a side hustle…I’ll make £750k this year

I’m a mum-of-two…I started my business with £29 & now I make £5-10k a month

She added that you don't have to start the side hustle by putting any money in or recruiting others to join, all you need is a phone and wifi.

In the caption she revealed she now does freelance digital market and explained exactly what it entailed in another video.

Andrea said: "What that is, is me promoting other people's products and services.

"I partner with other people's brands and companies to prom9ote their products and services and drive traffic to their specific links that they give me."

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Andrea also claimed over 80% of brands have these schemes because it is cheaper than paying for a PR company to promote their products.

The busy mum added you don't need a large following on social media to start making money by posting their products.

And the best part is lots of companies give you the content to post so you don't even have to do anything.

TikTok viewers were left seriously impressed by Andrea's video asking how they can get involved.

One wrote: "I’m very very interested."

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Another person commented: "Info please I need to start ASAP."

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