I'm a hair expert – why you're finding it hard to cover your greys and the three tips to stop your dye fading so fast | The Sun

A HAIR expert has revealed the reason people struggle to cover their grey hairs as they get older.

But she says all it takes is three simple steps and your hair dye will last for longer and provide a much fuller coverage. 

Hair expert Trudy Hayes, who goes by the name @ravenhaircare on her TikTok account, opened up about the common beauty problem in a brand new video. 

In it, she told her social media followers: “If you feel like over time your greys have become more resistant to hair colour, you may be right.”

However, Trudy assured her followers that it didn’t have to be a permanent problem that they had to worry about.

She continued to say: “I’m going to show you why that is and how to fix it.”

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Highlighting why it becomes increasingly difficult to cover up grey hair, Trudy explained: “So our grey hair is generally thicker and coarser in texture.

“[Also] our scalps themselves over time as we get older don’t produce as much oil.

“That coupled with the fact that the grey hair cuticle is a little more tightly compacted and doesn’t allow colour or water to seep in and penetrate it that well all add up to colour being that little bit more resistant over time.”

She then shared her top three tips of what to do ahead of dyeing your hair to ensure it sticks.

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Trudy continued: “Firstly, make sure you tell your stylist. 

“They’ll be able to either pre-soften the hair with a tiny bit of peroxide directly onto the greys to open up the cuticle to allow colour to seep in, or double pigmentate the colour onto the scalp.

“Secondly, make sure that you don’t go in with a lot of silicones in your hair, or shine sprays. Make sure they’re rinsed out. 

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“They used to tell you not to wash your hair before you go in, but now we say, ‘have your hair washed, it opens up the cuticles a little bit more.”

Last, but by no means least, Trudy said it was important not to use “hard water”. 

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