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WHEN you're picking rugs, furniture, and paint colors for your home, you're probably following your creative instincts to establish a cohesive look.

According to one psychologist, what you choose for your home decor reveals secrets about your personality, including whether you're controlling or more laid-back and quiet.

Psychologist Lee Chambers collaborated with department store Liberty to explain the personality traits your home decor reveals.

If you prefer a clean, tidy space over a busy home with lots of clutter, you might think it indicates you're a productive person who gets things done.

But actually, a little clutter reflects a productive lifestyle, and tidiness might make you seem high-strung.

Someone who has a "busy" home with lots of visual elements is "likely to be adventurous and energetic," Chambers said. They'll follow their intuition and act decisively, and are less prone to overthinking.


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"A busy space suggests a person is making things happen and progressing in their daily life," the psychologist added.

Meanwhile, Chambers said, it's "often imagined that a tidy space equals a tidy mind," but someone with a super-tidy house and minimalist decor is probably less easygoing.

"It does confer somebody who is organized, likes routine, and enjoys being in control," he said. "They are also likely to enjoy order and rules, and not be the most accommodating to change or being overly flexible."

Another interesting insight Chambers provided was the subtle difference between neutral colors in decor and stark white choices.

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Using a lot of neutrals in your home will suggest "a person who enjoys balance, doesn't enjoy distraction and prefers simplicity," he said.

"They will be more mindful than social, and be great at managing under pressure," Chambers added.

On the other hand, white walls can indicate a creative mind, and maybe a cold streak.

"White walls can certainly open up a space, and can suggest that the mind of the designer is also open," Chamber said. "They are likely to be contemporary, aware of the latest trends, and enjoy when things are clean and concise."

But while white is often linked to peace and serenity – think cooing doves and tranquil spas –it has "quite a cold edge," Chambers added.

"It requires a warm individual to bring some color into the space itself," he explained. If you're an especially friendly person, white walls might let you shine during parties.

A preference for softer colors indicates you're a quiet, conscientious person. If your home is full of plants, you're probably thoughtful, too, but also nurturing and patient.

"They are less likely to outcome obsessed and more likely to enjoy the slower journey of everyday growth," Chambers said of people who incorporate plants into decor. "Their environment also does the same."

When it comes to furniture, your choices can tell guests about your status, ambitions, and values.

Sleek, high-polish pieces are a sure sign that you have sky-high aspirations, Chambers said.

"They enjoy spaces that feel beautiful and almost take on aspects of the decor into themselves," he said. But he included a warning.

"With this, they are likely to be easily influenced by the opinion of others," Chambers added.

If you only have vintage furniture pieces, it could mean a few different things. Some people choose vintage furniture as a means of saving money or being more environmentally conscious.

"It would be easy to look at vintage furniture and think it implies that the person who curated it must be traditional at heart," Chambers explained.

But it can also indicate you value sustainability and practicality.

"They will be grounded and grateful for the opportunities presented in life, and be likely to celebrate small wins," Chambers said.

If your living room is modeled after a 19th-century salon or a faithful recreation of mid-century modern looks, though, Chambers' reading is a bit different.

"People who bring these items into their space often are lovers of escapism and enjoy getting lost in their vivid imaginations," he explained.

But don't take grand, vintage furniture as an indication of snobbery. "They are also likely to be humble and modest, bringing history to complement the space they are creating," Chambers said.

Chambers said you can also tell a lot about a person based on how well their family and friends are represented in the home – in photos, in mementos from travel, or in gifted artwork.

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"Having lots of meaningful, personal and sentimental around your home suggests a strong sense of identity and a penchant for nostalgia," Chambers said.

If you cultivate a strong sense of identity into your space, you demonstrate a sense of stability, but allow yourself to reminisce and honor past experiences in your life.

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