I'm a stylist & women make the same mistake when wearing mom-jeans but there’s a way to instantly make you look better | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL stylist has revealed the most common mistakes fashionistas make when wearing mom jeans – and how to fix them.

Goodbye suffocating skinny jeans and hello comfortable mom jeans – it's time to let your belly breathe and have unrestricted blood circulation in your legs.

But if you ever find the trendy pair of denim just not looking quite as expected, keep on reading, as you might be making a crucial error, according to a whizz.

Mac Rose, from New York, the USA, regularly shares fashion hacks and styling tips on TikTok, where she's amassed herself an impressive fanbase.

Though her clips are watched by thousands, one such video in particular has taken the internet by storm, with over 265,000 views in less than a day.

In the viral video, Mac demonstrated how to style mom jeans to ''level up any outfit''.

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Posing high-waist jeans with cutout detailing in the knees, which she had paired with a stunning, casual button-up top, the whizz said there was something off about the outfit.

''The main reason this outfit doesn't work is because we have two pieces of clothing that are neither tight nor loose – they're both in-between.

''The top fabric kinda sits on my skin and my pants are kinda tight around my abdomen.''

Instead, to elevate your look, she recommended two options.

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If you want to keep the bottom section loose, opt for a figure-hugging top – an easy swap which will balance the two garments out.

For those who'd prefer to keep the top not form-fitting but are also not fans of skinny jeans, Mac suggested to go ''for even bigger bottoms''.

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Add a belt to cinch the waist, she added.

''This outfit looked fine in the beginning – this is just to show you how even the most basic of outfit can be levelled up with a couple of styling tips.''

The easy fashion hack has taken the social media platform by storm and has seen more than a hundred comments from fellow fashionistas.

One fan was shocked by the difference: ''I was prepared to not see the impact but this totally made sense!''

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Someone else thanked: ''These videos literally have changed the way I style my boring outfits.''

''You’re my new outfit inspiration thank youuu for the tips [sic],'' another added.

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