Key way Meghan Markle sets herself apart from Kate Middleton – Loves to make a statement

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Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are lauded by royal fans for their incredible fashion sense. The Duchesses’ respective outfits are always a source of great interest, with pieces known to sell out after Kate or Meghan make an outing. Although both are royal fashion icons in their own right, there is a distinct difference between the way Kate and Meghan dress.

A great deal of thought goes into what Kate and Meghan wear, and their outfits have been known to hold subtle symbolism depending on the occasion.

And in terms of similarities between Kate and Meghan’s styles, both women are known to adhere to classic royal fashion rules such as colour-blocking for dramatic effect.

Miranda Holder, TV & Celebrity Fashion Expert, told “Both the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge have made a huge impact on the fashion industry, with thousands of internet searches regularly stacking up whenever they show off their latest winning looks.

“Both women harness the power and impact of colour, and regularly wear a single hue from head to toe which looks both elegant and striking, and is a tactic used by royal women around the globe.

“Both women mix it up, one moment wearing breathtaking couture creations from the finest fashion houses, but also will be happy to be seen at their next engagement wearing something from an independent.

“Sales subsequently skyrocket and the ‘Kate and Meghan effect’ can make fortunes overnight.”

While there are some striking similarities between Kate and Meghan’s style, Meghan has set herself apart from Kate fashionwise in a key way.

According to Ms Holder, Meghan’s wardrobe is more “fashion-forward”, while Kate’s outfits reflect her position as an “on duty” royal.

As a high-flying actress, Meghan embraced the latest fashions while walking the red carpets of Hollywood and appearing in magazine shoots.

But as the wife of a future King, Kate has largely steered clear of celebrity fashion trends in favour of a more classic royal style.

Ms Holder explained: “In terms of differences, their wardrobes are an accurate reflection of their respective personalities and roles.

“Kate is very much on duty and in public service, and she undertakes her role with grace and elegance, opting for classic, timeless pieces which are less likely to date, whereas Meghan, who as an actress is used to positively cultivating the limelight, is comfortable with a more fashion-forward look.

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“Even when fulfilling her own public duties for the Windsors, Meghan would always opt for a contemporary twist on the classic, injecting a little bit more of her own personality.”

Unlike more “conservative” Kate, Meghan isn’t opposed to “statement” dressing when she wants to make an impact.

Meghan has worn some truly jaw-dropping outfits in recent years, most recently donning a strappy scarlet Carolina Herrera number for the Salute to Freedom Gala in NYC last November.

Ms Holder added: “Meghan loves to make a statement, is a fan of power dressing in suits and towering heels, whereas Kate is usually seen in a more conservative but still very pretty dress or her signature dress coat.

“Meghan favours the more contemporary, Kate is more refined, but both women love their fashion and are instantly recognisable for their immaculate style.”

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