Meet the Designer Behind Pete Davidson's Favorite Pearl Necklace

Susan Alexandra Is Bringing Her Celebrity-Favorite Bags to the Metaverse

It’s February 2020 and the world has yet to be upended by the coronavirus pandemic. While designers, in the throes of New York Fashion Week, are sending stone-faced models down the runway, Susan Alexandra (née Korn) is staging a musical. There’s lively dancing, acting, and singing, peppered by a chorus of laughs from the usually stoic audience. Both onstage and in the crowd, you can see a splattering of her famous beaded bags: in rainbow checkered print, in watermelon colors, littered with cherries or clouds or butterflies. This burst of unadulterated joy — at a time before we even knew we needed it — is a core part of Susan Alexandra’s brand ethos.

Launched in 2017, her beaded purses are widely considered collector’s items. Rendered in animal print or kaleidoscopic color, they’re loved by everyday shoppers, influencers, and celebrities alike, even popping up on supermodels like Gigi Hadid.

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