Midwives are sharing the worst baby names they’ve ever heard – and the ones they REALLY judge the parents on

PICKING your newborn's name can be agony – you think you've landed the perfect one only to then be told it's a terrible choice.

And no other people have come across more odd picks than midwives, who have now shared the worst baby names they've heard throughout their career.

This discussion took place on Reddit where users revealed the names which ''are red flags about their parents''.

''I am a pediatric nurse and lately the names have been horrific,'' wrote one person.

''The worst was Enahpetis… that’s her mom “Stephanie” spelled backwards with the “i” changed around.''


Although the mum may have not thought anything of it, people were not so sure, with some suggesting it sounded like ''a disease'' and ''a medical condition''.

''Enahpetis sounds like someone on alot of painkillers overhears and tried to spell adhesiolysis,'' one added.

Another professional who works at a school has also heard some uncommon choices: ''I’ve seen the names Kryssler, Estibenson, Christ, and perhaps the worst, ArKelly to name a few…''

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While a Redditor said they felt sorry for ArKelly, another one commented: ''Estibenson sounds like a medication.''

Others were also quick to jump in the discussion, with one person writing: ''First girl in my year in highschool to get pregnant was named chastity.

''Irony baby!

''Her last name makes it even WORSE but, privacy, yknow.''

''Tyranny (name of a girl) has forever been the worst names I have ever personally encountered,'' revealed a Redditor.

''Why would any parent name their little baby girl "cruel and unfair treatment by people with power over others" ????

'' Were they hoping she would become a dictator?''

Some also added that there are ''common names with excessively complicated spellings''.

''I went to grade school with a Gynafir… pronounced Jennifer,'' was one example.

''Ptoughneigh, pronounced "Tony",'' read another.

Someone had also managed to find a new way to spell Joe – ''Gjzhaouwe''.

Meanwhile, this mum's revealed she named her kids after her favourite band – 'people mock me and think I did it as a joke'.

Plus, these are the baby names which are most likely to land your child a top career – is your tot on the list?

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