Mum-&-daughter organising duo share cheap ways they keep their home tidy & people are going mad for their ‘genius’ tips

WHEN it comes to organising your home, it can be hard to know where to begin – but this mother-daughter duo have tips for every room in the house.

The pair have organisation hacks for your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen – and commenters say they’re all "genius".

Wardrobe wisdom

When it comes to organising the bedroom, it can be tempting to ignore any mess or disorder in your wardrobe – but mum and daughter duo Margaret and Stetson say the wardrobe should be spick and span. 

They shared three of their top products for organising your wardrobe, and the results are stunning.

The first thing they advise is to make sure all your coathangers are matching – this way, your clothes will look super neat when hanging up in a row.

Their next essential product is clear shelf dividers for folded clothes.

This product stops your folded items from getting mixed up, and keeps everything totally visible and accessible.

Their final piece of wardrobe advice is to get your hands on some super simple baskets and to label them appropriately. 

Baskets are a favourite among professional organisers, as they act as pseudo-drawers, allowing us to access our things easily.

Plus, they come in all different shapes and sizes for different items.

The pair showed just how good a wardrobe can look when it's properly organised, and commenters said their method was "genius".

Bathroom brilliance

The mum and daughter team also have great hacks for storing bathroom products that can be unsightly.

The pair use glass jars to store their bathroom essentials, meaning there’s no ugly packaging anywhere in sight in their bathroom.

Margaret and Stetson recommend using these jars to store q-tips, wet wipes, and flossing sticks.

Not only are the items totally visible in the clear containers, but they look super tidy and organised. 

The clip racked up over 10,000 likes and commenters loved the method.

One viewer enthused: "I tend to stow everything away. But this looks so nice!"

Another said: "Those jars are beautiful!"

"Lovely way to organise those bathroom essentials", agreed a third.

Cool tip

Margaret and Stetson also have a genius trick for fridge storage, which helps organise your groceries and helps your fresh fruits and veggies stay fresh.

In their fridge organisation video, the pair show how to use drawer inserts to make your fridge immaculately organised.

The pair captioned the video: “This is your sign to get bins in your fridge if you don’t already!”

Commenters loved the finished product and couldn’t wait to try it for themselves.

“I just got a new fridge, can’t wait to organise it”, wrote one viewer, while a second said: “We have so much fruit in our fridge, love this!”

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