Mum-of-three shares her HUGE list of hacks for keeping the kids quiet on car journeys and gets slammed for going too far

A MUM shared her huge list of hacks for keeping her kids entertained on long car journeys, including hourly "surprise bags", snack boxes, and movies.

While some said the mum was "awesome" for being so organised, many viewers thought she was doing way too much to keep her children entertained.

A mum and Tiktok user who goes by the username mrsblinks shared her list of car journey hacks, which she said she got from Pinterest. 

In the video, she says the road trip was nine hours long and she travelled with her three young daughters.

The first hack she used was a “pulley system”, which was rigged up in the car to allow her to pass things to her kids in the third row.

This hack involved using half a milk bottle and some string as a vessel to carry bits and bobs from the front seat to the back seat of the car.

She also gave her kids a laminated map, so they could track the route.

Then the mum explained her “surprise bags”.

She said: “Every hour on the trip, they got to open a surprise bag. 

“The first one was an activity pad. 

“These surprise bags make the trip go by so much faster.”

For lunch, the mum passed around “snackle boxes” full of little treats for her daughters, and helped herself to a personal charcuterie board.

“Next bag, 11.30, this time it was cute pens with sayings on them.

“The 12.30 bag was the magnetic puzzles. 

“And the 1.30 bag was a new movie they’ve never seen before, because at this point, momma needed some quiet.” 

Throughout the whole trip, the mum showed her kids how close they were to their destination by moving a laminated picture of a car and sticking it to different placenames as they passed through. 

The clip has amassed 5.5 million views, and opinion was divided among commenters.

Some thought the mum had done far too much to keep the kids entertained. 

“This is waaaaaay too much work”, wrote one critical commenter.

Another called the surprise bag technique “bribery” and said kids should be expected to behave on trips “because that’s how people act”.

A third commenter remarked: “Good heavens above that’s ridiculous now they always expect stuff. What about just passing the time with iSpy?”

“This is THE MOST EXTRA Tiktok I’ve ever seen”, wrote another stunned viewer. 

Some people, however, truly admired the mum’s efforts.

“This is awesome! This would have been so cool as a kid, so many good memories”, wrote one supportive viewer, while another said: “This is amazing!”

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