Mum-of-two makes NINE family meals with a £3 Aldi chicken – and shares how you can, too

MANY families know the struggle of trying to feed everyone on a budget. 

However, a savvy mum-of-two has revealed how she manages to make a staggering nine meals from just one £3 chicken from Aldi. 

Taking to the Facebook group Money saving hints, tips and ideas, she said: “I know posts of this nature have gone up a million times before but I've never really documented it before so why not here. 

“I got a whole medium chicken for just under £3 at Aldi and I will get the following from it:

"A Sunday dinner for me, a 5yo and 10month old for 2 weeks (I do a Sunday dinner every two weeks so I get every other Sunday as a bit of a chill).

“A curry for all 3 of us twice and a couple of chicken and stuffing sarnies for me and the 10 month old for  lunch in the week.

“The bones will be frozen until I do my next roast and have another carcus to make a stock for a chicken and noodle soup, chicken stew or chicken pie.”

The thrifty mum added: “I'm pleased with the result. Granted, they're smaller people so smaller portions but as they grow I will buy bigger birds.

“Feeding all 3 of us for 6 dinners and 2/3 lunches off 1 bird is a win for my house!”

Many people were highly impressed that she could make so many meals from just one £3 chicken. 

One wrote: “Well done you.”

Another added: “These Adi chickens are fantastic.”

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