My mom gave me a disturbing maternity present – she held a grudge from my childhood and now she's throwing it in my face

AN EXPECTING mother admitted she feels super uncomfortable after receiving a questionable maternity present from her own mother. 

Apparently, it’s a form of payback for when the mother-to-be lashed out as a child – and the internet is stunned. 

The woman, who is 20 weeks pregnant, recalled the disturbing story in a post to Reddit.

“Recently, my mom gave me a ‘pregnancy’ gift that was an old picture I drew for her when I was around five,” the woman wrote.

“It's a disturbing picture honestly. 

“I don't remember drawing it, but my mom used to tell me all of the time that one time I got upset with her and I went in my room and drew a picture of her where she was supposed to be deceased and I wrote: ‘I wish this was Mommy’ under the stick figure that was supposed to represent her.”

The woman reiterated that she doesn’t recall the occurrence, but feels bad for being an “absolute menace” when she was a child. 

The trouble poster claimed that when her mother handed her the infamous picture, her mom said it was to “prepare” her “for what to expect.”

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The woman said she told her mom that she could keep the picture because it made her “uncomfortable,” to which her mother supposedly replied: “Well don't you think I was uncomfortable too? 

“I held on to this all these years so you could have it and see what it's going to be like.”

The woman went on to speculate that her pregnancy hormones might be causing her to be extra emotional, but said she can’t shake the uncomfortable feeling she got during the unexpected interaction.

She concluded her post by asking if she was rude to be upset about her mom giving her the drawing.

Fortunately for her, the internet largely sided with her.

“So basically, she saying that you hurt her all that time ago, so she's been saving up all these years so she can hurt you.

“As though the meanness of an angry little kid is in any way equal to the calculated hatred it must have taken for a grow-a** adult to save up that much hate for two decades so she could hurt you, too,” one reader slammed.

“She might have thought she was showing you what to expect, but what she actually showed you is what not to do to your child,” another person argued.

“She held on to this picture for 20 years with the intent of hurting her own child.

“And not just hurting her – trying to destroy her excitement about motherhood,” a third Redditor wrote, adding that it seems like a “deranged” action.

Unfortunately, the expecting mom is just one of many who have had to deal with difficult grandparents.

One woman claimed her mother-in-law yelled at her about her baby’s name the entire time she was in labor.

Another slammed her mother-in-law for claiming that her grandchild is her own baby.

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