Portable Blenders Are the Summer Essential You Didn't Know You Needed

This summer, there will be road trips, outings, picnics and other events that take us away from our homes to spend time with loved ones we haven’t seen in awhile. There are several things that will help make this transition smoother — including face masks, vaccination card holders and going-out tops. One thing that we think you’ll see a lot this summer is the portable blender.

Wait: A blender you can take wherever you go? At first a travel blender seemed too good to be true to us too, but these convenient personal blender appliances exist and there are a number of blenders to choose from. Now your outdoor concert, picnic, family BBQ, backyard movie night or sunny beach day will be complete with frosty smoothie flavors, fresh juice blends or even protein shake, baby food or salad dressing selections. Just pack ice cubes and fruit or frozen fruit to create smoothies on the go by blending everything together and pouring your favorite drink into the cup, jar or bottle of your choice.

We’ve shopped around for lots of portable blender options, from a stainless steel portable smoothie blender to a mini blender for a just-enough single-serve blender drink. Some of these compact blender options might put your traditional blender to shame. Below, check out ET Style team’s picks for the best portable blenders. And don’t forget to shop other summer essentials here.

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