This ‘Bernie Mittens’ Crochet Doll Just Sold for $20,300 on eBay

Joe Biden may have won the presidency, but Bernie Sanders won the Internet. Following the inauguration last week, a photo snapped of Sanders sitting crosslegged while donning a pair of brown handmade mittens, his Burton jacket, and of course, a face mask quickly turned into a meme sensation. The Vermont senator’s disgruntled disposition (it was a long, cold day) delighted folks so much that they started adding him into their own photos. The House Beautiful team even joined in on the fun here.

Over the weekend, more Sanders fun continued when Texas woman Tobey King, who owns the Etsy store Tobey Time Crochet, placed her crochet doll modeled after Sanders’s Inauguration look on eBay. She listed the doll, which became known as the Bernie Mittens Crochet Doll, for $0.99. On Tuesday, after 167 bids, it sold for a whopping $20,300. See the auction sale here.

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Now, if you’re thinking that’s a pretty hefty price for a nine-inch doll made out of acrylic and cotton yarn, you’re not wrong. However, the folks who bid on the doll (and caused the price to climb) were more than just some meme enthusiasts looking to get their hands on an iconic pop culture keepsake. As King wrote in the listing, all proceeds would be donated to Sanders’s favorite charity, Meals on Wheels.

Well, would you look at that—memes helping the community! While the original Sanders doll now has a new owner, King is currently selling the crochet pattern for $5 so fans can make their own Bernie dolls at home.

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