UNDERCOVER and Nike Match up for Kendo-Inspired Holiday Capsule

UNDERCOVER and Nike‘s latest collaboration is a Holiday capsule inspired by Kendo. Featured is a concise two-piece set of modular hi-tech apparel: a two-in-one parka jacket as well as a pair of two-in-one pants.

Both pieces are built with a variety of panels that can be removed to transform the silhouettes. The outermost layer of the “NUZ4301” parka features a vest with four cargo pockets. It sports zippers at the center and around the shoulders so that wearers can remove the vest to lighten the jacket or leave it on for added warmth and functionality. There’s also a small “watch window” at the left sleeve so you can tell time while protecting your watch. Other details like the twin pockets at the lower back and an arm pouch near the left shoulder round off the jacket’s design. The pants’ two-in-one design features zippers around the knees so the piece can be worn as shorts. Both garments have been made waterproof with delicate nylon interiors for added comfort.

UNDERCOVER and Nike’s two-piece Holiday capsule is currently available on UNDERCOVER’s website — the parka is ¥78,650 JPY and the pants are ¥31,460 JPY (approximately $756 USD and $302 USD, respectively).

In case you missed it, UNDERCOVER and HYSTERIC GLAMOUR have reissued the “Mother Flower” T-shirt for BLACK SENSE MARKET.

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