Watch This Talented Drag Queen Transform into

The singer Selena Quintanilla was undoubtably a trendsetter in every sense of the word. She transcended musical boundaries, helped establish a new wave in fashion, and even popularized some of the 90’s most signature makeup looks. That woman stayed rocking a bright red lip, dark eyeliner, and flawless brows. With such classic beauty staples, it’s no surprise that there have been plenty of people who’ve taken inspiration from her. She’s no stranger on vision boards!

Jaymes Mansfield, our guest on Cosmo Queens, took this inspo to the next level. Like, full-on Selena transformation territory. It turned out looking 🔥. If Jaymes looks a bit familiar, it’s ’cause you may know her from season 9 of Rupaul’s Drag Race, or from her Instagram, where she shows off some of her other looks that are impressive as hell. I mean, like:

A post shared by Jaymes Mansfield (@jaymesmansfield)

A post shared by Jaymes Mansfield (@jaymesmansfield)

Truly next-level stuff. Watch the full video to see how Jaymes managed to emulate the Queen of Tejano music!

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