We bought a tiny camper van to live in – it's only 3 metres long, here’s how much we squeezed inside | The Sun

A COUPLE who love to travel but were sick of having to stay in flimsy tents decided to buy a van and transform it into their dream living space.

They found the perfect tiny van to fit everything they could need inside thanks to a few DIY tricks.

Nici and Max bought their 2000 Daihatsu Hijet Microvan in a bid to enhance their travels and minimise setup time as much as possible.

They told Tiny Home Tours that although the van might be small they've got everything they could ever need inside, including a bathroom and kitchen.

Clever storage solutions like hidden compartments underneath seats and high-up shelves help the duo carry plenty of food and clothes with them on their journeys.

Nici said: "It's such a micro camper you're always happy for every bit of space that you have."

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In their living area the couple keep bags of onions and fruit on the back of the driving headrests in homemade baskets, they also keep their shoes tucked away under the chairs and all their clothes fir in three small baskets.

"It's not much but we tried to really reduce out clothes to the minimum," Nici explained.

Impressively, they've managed to add in an entire pantry of food on the side of the van where they keep everything from wine to oats and herbs.

Max explained that they built the shelves specific heights to ensure everything would fit perfectly, they even repurposed on old Pringles tube into a tiny bin.

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They added a slide out kitchen to the back of the van so they can cook and prepare all of their meals outside on their gas stove.

When it's time to go to sleep the pair spread out the seating to make a full sized bed.

"It's really comfortable, I always say it has the feeling of a pillow fort in here," Max said.

At the back of the van they even have their very own tiny bathroom, which features a 10 litre water tank, "it's not much but we try to be very resourceful with our water usage," Nici explained.

Luckily, they have been able to make the most of public bathrooms of their travels so haven't had to use their makeshift one too often.

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Living with less has become the norm for the couple, who now see their minimalist lifestyle as an advantage.

"it's really helping us to focus less on consuming and more on living and relationships," Nici said.

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