Woman, 28, who joined ‘Orgasm Cult’ in hope of first climax claims group’s ‘stroking classes’ felt like ‘prostitution’

A WOMAN who joined a wellness company that has been dubbed an “orgasm cult” has lifted the lid on dark practises that took place. 

The woman, identified as Michal, spoke to BBC podcast The Orgasm Cult about how she joined the OneTaste company in the hope of having her first climax. 

OneTaste is currently under investigation by the FBI over allegations include prostitution, sex trafficking and violations of labour law. 

It was founded in 2004 by “messiani”' leader Nicole Daedone, and focused on the practice of “orgasmic meditation”. 

This involved a woman naked from the waist down, having her clitoris “stroked” for 15 minutes by a man, who was either her partner or a paying customer. 

Thousands of people signed up to learn orgasmic meditation, and were lured by Nicole’s promise it could improve their sex life and even cause recovery from sexual trauma. 

Nicole claimed that the practise would one day be as widely spread as yoga and would “change the world.”

Michal first signed up to a OneTaste introductory class around five years ago, when she was working as an assistant teacher in New York at the age of 28. 

She had never had an orgasm despite years of seeking help from doctors and psychiatrists, and hoped this would be the solution. 

She said: “Nobody that I talked to before OneTaste could promise me that I would have an orgasm. 

“And at OneTaste people promised me that I was able to, not only have an orgasm, but have the most amazing orgasm, right away. 

“So it was like at OneTaste I felt saturated with hope.

“I was nervous and excited about what I would find.

“As soon as I walked into the room I remember everybody looked very bright and energised and the women seemed very confident and friendly.

“They knew they had to make it feel like a party and make it feel upbeat. 

“Usually when women or people get together to talk about women's sexuality it is usually done in whispers or it's a bit uncomfortable.

“But here it was like a celebration. For me that was powerful because for so many years I had felt like I had to whisper and nudge about it.”

Michal spoke of being first introduced to the practice of orgasmic meditation, which they called OM.

She said: “It was a very strange experience… I was completely sober, taking my pants and underwear off in front of a guy – I didn't even know his name at the time – in a room full of 80 other people, or more, as if that was normal.

“I didn't feel much that first time. It wasn't sexually pleasing but what was exhilarating was this kind of freedom and agency that I was doing something to help myself and that I wasn't afraid of my body.”

After she left the class on that day, a OneTaste staff member convinced Michal to join their coaching programme, which was their “next level of classes”, despite her saying she couldn’t afford the $12,000 (£8,900) price tag. 

The employee had told her to sign up on a credit card to cover any costs. 

Michal said: “When I stepped out of there I thought ‘oh my god, I'm in so much s***", I'm in such big trouble. What am I going to do with this debt?’”

It was a very strange experience… I was completely sober, taking my pants and underwear off in front of a guy – I didn't even know his name at the time – in a room full of 80 other people, or more, as if that was normal.

Before she knew it, Michal had quit her job and moved out of her rented apartment into the “OM houses”, where OneTaste members and employees lived together.

The group would practise OM several times a day, and at first Michal enjoyed the benefits. 

However, over time Michal started to feel pressured to join group OM sessions against her will. 

She said: “I was expected to practice four times a day, every day. Whether I had my period, whether I was sick.

“The choice of ‘do you want to have somebody touch you sexually?’ was not something that was available to me.”

When Michal tried to voice her hesitations, teachers would say to her “what are you hiding”, or “what are you scared of” or accuse her of not taking the programme seriously. 

She continued: “Towards the end of my time there, I really didn't want to wake up in the morning and practice. 

“I started having a real adverse emotional reaction to practicing, I would start having crying fits. 

“I became less and less prone to speaking out about those things because every time I did, it appeared that the problem was not outside of me, it was inside of me. It was my fault I was having doubt.”

During her time there, Michal worked at a juice bar near the OM house and was part of the team tasks with selling courses to new members. 

She got a “a few hundred dollars” commission for the few she sold and was given a “couple” of one-off payments by her bosses to “pay rent and to get by”. 

However, this amount was not enough to cover the cost of carrying on with the OneTaste classes and retreats. 

She said: “I started using my credit card for everything… That [money] was not something you could really talk about. 

“They would say something along the lines of ‘in orgasm world you get what you deserve’.”

It's not exactly prostitution but it's also not completely different.

OneTaste suggested she cover the cost, which rose to a staggering $60,000  (£44,000) for an annual membership, by getting a wealthy man to pay for her. 

She explained: “There were many very well-paid men who were part of OneTaste. They usually had tech jobs or other high paying jobs. 

“Some were older but others were in their 20s, 30s and 40s. The ratio between men who had money and women who didn't was pretty extreme.

“So men who came into OneTaste looking for more sexual experiences with women were in this perfect position where they could pay for women's classes, take those classes with them, and in that way become their partners or boyfriends.”

Michal was introduced to a wealthy man from San Francisco who was willing to pay for her classes.

I remember several times that I had sex and I felt like my voice was stuck in my throat. I remember thinking ‘this is hurting me’ but being unable to say so.

She said: “He wasn't my type, I wasn't sexually attracted to him and yet he had this great power because he was willing to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on me to take those classes that I was told would have a great healing effect and teach me everything I need to know.

“So it's not exactly prostitution but it's also not completely different.”

Michal said OneTaste taught them that the most powerful sexual encounters came from pairings of people who were not physically attracted to each other. 

She explained: “One of the laws of orgasm is ‘aversion’.

“I remember being told that orgasm happens outside of your preferences so if you're feeling an aversion, like an actual physical aversion to someone, it actually means if you were to get with him, you would have really hot sex.”

During her time, Michal had a number of sexual encounters with people from the course and male teachers at the company. 

She said: “I was consenting to sex I didn't want to have with people who were more advanced in OneTaste. 

“I thought that they were supposedly so attuned to a woman's body and such experts in OneTaste that they knew what they were doing so well that if I would have told them to stop, or that if something didn't feel good or that I didn't like what they were doing that I would in some way seem not so sexually evolved.

“I remember several times that I had sex and I felt like my voice was stuck in my throat. I remember thinking ‘this is hurting me’ but being unable to say so.”

Michal started to show symptoms of dissociation, which is a disorder that can cause physical and psychological problems.

She said she is still dealing with the psychological effects of her experience at OneTaste years later. 

I was consenting to sex I didn't want to have with people who were more advanced in OneTaste.

She added: “When you are disassociated you don't experience the immediate harm that is taking place but it accumulates so that when you leave and your mind and body heal over time you suddenly have to process all the trauma that took place. 

“I would say that I'm still going through.

“There are many sexual encounters that I remember but that are kind of fuzzy memories and there are memories that I have not yet fully processed, and I don't know if I ever will.”

A OneTaste representative previously said: “Any allegations of abusive practices are completely false. 

“OneTaste was an organisation that helped individuals to increase health, happiness and connection through methods combining mindfulness and sexuality. 

“More than 300,000 people practice Orgasmic Meditation worldwide. Many have experienced profound healing and transformation.”

The SunOnline has contacted OneTaste for comment. The Orgasm Cult is available to download on BBC Sounds and via the programme page. 

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