Woman shares clever hack to make your clothes dry faster in the tumble dryer – and it’ll save you loads on your bills | The Sun

AS temperatures drop, it becomes increasingly difficult to get your clothes dry without using a tumble dryer.

But one woman has shared a clever hack which means you can cut down the time you use the dryer for by up to 30%.

She took to her Refined Living TikTok page to share the trick, captioning her video: "Save time and electricity with this simple hack."

"Wet clothes? And need them to dry faster?" she began.

"Simply add a dry towel for the first 15 minutes."

She showed herself adding a towel to the dryer drum, alongside her wet clothes, and setting a timer for 15 minutes.

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Once the time was up, she removed the towel.

"This speeds it up over 30%," she explained.

Given that running a tumble dryer costs an average of £1.26 a cycle, saving 30% means you'll save 37p a cycle, making it a cost of 88p.

People in the comments section were quick to praise her for sharing the hack – especially in the current climate.

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"This is facts, I discovered this on accident," one wrote.

"Is the towel damp afterwards?" someone else asked.

"Yes it absorbs a lot of the excess moisture!" the woman replied.

"Awesome! I wonder how a microfibre one would work," the questioner mused.

"Wow that's smart where did you find this I never would have thought about that," another person commented.

"It works!!!" someone else vouched.

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"I use this life hack on heavy items like terry robes and quilts."

But not everyone was convinced, with one writing: "Mixing towels with clothes makes the clothes grainy and fuzzy."

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