Woman turns a £3 set of sheets into perfect curtains in seconds

A INTERIORS fanatic has shared an incredibly quick and cheap decor trick that turns three pound bed sheets into chic curtains in seconds.

US-based TikToker Kelli Bateman's hack to spruce up your home has been viewed over 1.1milllion times and has been branded "genius" by interior enthusiasts.

First the mother-of-six explained she picked up her white flat bed sheets from American retailer Walmart for five dollars but you can pick up similar online such as Primark, Poundstretcher or Amazon.

She began: "Today I'm changing out my curtains, I love these but I am wanting something just more basic and crisp so I am going to use these flat bed sheets for Walmart that are about five bucks as my curtain panels.

"Super easy and so cheap".

The bargain interiors influencer then explains you'll need to grab a seam ripper to take out the horizontal seams across the top to make room for the curtain pole.

"First step is finding the part of the sheet that has a seem going this way [horizontal]," she added.

"And you're going to take a seam ripper and take out all the stitches here because this is where the curtain rod is going to go through".

Once you've taken out the stitches, she explained that your new curtains are ready to hang up now that there's space for the curtain rod.

She said: "Now that you've taken out all the stitches for this top bit, it's the perfect hole for the curtain rod to go through".

If you're looking for blackout curtains then this won't be the trick for you but if you're looking to add a decorative feature or focal point in your room then the sheer bed sheet curtains will most definitely work.

Followers were amazed by the quick transformation and commented in their droves praising her clever trick.

One said: "Now I'm mad because I've never thought of this".

"This is so smart," another penned. "Wow wow wow!!!!! Genius" (sic).

A third wrote: "What a great idea."

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