Ashley Martson and Jay Smith: Having a Baby Will Change Everything!

Last month, Ashley Martson and Jay Smith confirmed that they are really back together, despite several breakups, each following a cheating incident.

The 90 Day Fiance stars are sheltering in place together, but they're also trying to make their marriage work … agian.

What's more is that they teased talk about having a baby together.

Now, Ashley has given further talk to the timetable for making a baby with Jay.

Below, you can read her statement on the subject …. along with a reminder of how Ashley and Jay got to this place in their relationship.

Ashley does acknowledge that having a baby changes everything.

1.Ashley and Jay are talking about babymaking

2.It was thirst at first sight

3.Jay is over a decade younger than Ashley

4.They had a ceremony in Jamaica

5.They did 90 Day Fiance

6.Welp, Jay cheated again

7.But she took him back

8.Until he cheated again

9.Ashley kicked Jay out

10.He wasn't going to make it easy

11.But then …

12.They got back together

13.Then, months later …

14.They still posed for a photoshoot together

15.Ashley went on a family vacation

16.Ashley took out a restraining order

17.Jay ignored the order

18.Then, his luck changed

19.However …


21.History repeated itself … again

22.Jay denied part of that claim

23.It was still a rough breakup

24.She just wanted it over

25.Ashley despaired

26.Her prospects weren't looking too good

27.What's this?

28.This is how they broke the news

29.Then, they got serious

30.Now, Ashley is talking about making a baby

31.The clock is ticking

32.Of Jay, she says …

33.They have different priorities right now

34.Ashley is already a mom, but

35.It would be a major change

36.So, when?

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