Ashley Martson: Jay and I Are Opening a Lingerie Stoe!

90 Day Fiance fans already know that Ashley Martson and Jay Smith are actually back together. They resolved to make their marriage work.

But Ashley hasn’t just been working on her relationship. She’s coming out with a lingerie line.

“Getting bored of my isolation sweats and jammies,” Ashley Martson begins an Instagram post.

“And,” she adds, “pretty sure the husband is too.”

“I’m over here working on bringing my sexy back …” Ashley teases beside a photo of her tossing black lingerie into the air.

She reveals that her “lingerie collection to be launched soon!!! Stay tuned…”

A troll beneath the post accused Ashley of concocting this lingerie line and possibly her reunion with Jay just to return to 90 Day Fiance.

“If I wanted [to be] on TLC I would be,” she clapped back. “We are [definitely] not trying to get back on anything.”

“You’re correct, it is for money. It’s work. It’s a business,” Ashley added, referring to the lingerie line.

She told the follower: “I assume that’s how you pay your bills as well.”

Ashley shared more in a statement to In Touch Weekly about her business plans.

“Once quarantine is over, we are opening a store and expanding the collection,” Ashley announces.

She expresses: “We can’t wait to get things moving when life begins to get back to normal.”

Many people and small businesses will be picking up the pieces, after the pandemic shuttered stores and decimated some communities.

Ashley absolutely stunned fans, critics, and castmates alike with her TikTok challenge reveal that she and Jay were back together.

Most folks — us included — imagined that it absolutely had to be a prank, making new use of old footage.

After their lengthy history of cheating, breakups, and multiple attempts at getting a divorce, it seemed unbelievable that they would try it again.

But though Ashley’s reveal was humorous in format, it was no prank.

Taking to YouTube, Ashley and Jay explained that they were launching a channel to share their story directly with fans.

Simply put, they were doing more than just sheltering in place together during the pandemic.

They were actually giving their marriage another shot.

After the Tinder cheating, the barber shop bathroom cheating, the lengthy early 2019 affair, the false alarm pregnancy scare, Ashley still took Jay back.

Last December, Ashley was celebrating finally being free of Jay after he actually signed divorce papers after nearly a full year of Ashley’s pleas.

(Admittedly, there were two reconciliations during that year)

However, he “accidentally” signed the date incorrectly — Ashley accused him of doing this deliberately to sabotage the divorce.

It looks like invalidating the papers to keep them legally linked worked, because she eventually gave him another chance.

Ashley and Jay have also teased fans with discussions about having a child together.

Ashley has had to undergo brutal medical treatments for her ongoing Lupus battle.

As such, her eggs are frozen and available if she and Jay should want or need them. Ashley already has two children.

Jay has teased the idea of having kids in 2025. Ashley has been less committal, to say the least.

We don’t know what Ashley’s lingerie line is really going to look like, but our interest is definitely piqued.

We’ll take a look at her products when the time comes, and countless other 90 Day Fiance fans will too.

But most of us are weeks or even months away from even thinking about things being “back to normal.”

So Ashley’s grand opening probably isn’t just around the corner.

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