Brendan O’Carroll: Mrs Brown’s Boys star reveals how Jenny’s dad helped their marriage

Mrs Brown’s Boys star Brendan O’Carroll, 64, tied the knot with his second wife and co-star Jennifer Gibney, 55, in 2005. The actor and comedian has credited his late father-in-law Michael for the marriage advice he passed down to the couple, which has proved to work for them so far.

There’s three people in this marriage, there’s you, me and us

Brendan O’Carroll

Gushing about his marriage to Jenny, who stars as Cathy Brown on the show, he said the pair were good friends before they got together as he revealed how they stay happy.

He said: “Jenny’s parents had a great [marriage]… the secret to their marriage is… they were married for over 60 years.

“The secret her dad passed on to us was that, ‘There’s three people in this marriage, there’s you, me and us.

“‘And you must allow equal time for all three or it doesn’t work and that works for us’.”

He added: “We’re lucky that, Jenny and I were friends before we became lovers and even though we’re married now, we are still best mates.


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“People say to me, ‘Will you be going to such and such a place, will Jenny be there? And I’m like, ‘Of course because I don’t want to be anywhere Jenny is not’.”

Jenny lost her father Michael back in 2013, with Brendan’s son Danny O’Carroll announcing the news on Twitter.

He wrote: “Very sad day today Michael Gibney father of Jenny aka (Cathy) and Fiona aka (Sharon) lost his fight… RIP Micheal xxx.”

Brendan recently said his wife worries about her mother, who lives in Ireland, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to Miriam O’Callanagh on the Late Late Show, he said: “Jenny, particularly, has gone through various times of just being nervous and just being a little bit frightened.

“Especially back in Ireland her mother is 84. She would be worried about her mam. It’s hard being so far away from the family.”

Brendan and Jenny famously work alongside the former’s children on Mrs Brown’s Boys and All Round To Mrs Brown’s.

He has four children; Danny, Fiona O’Carroll, Eric and Brendan with his ex-wife Doreen Dowdall.

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On working with his children on the show, he admitted they will confront him if they don’t like an idea.

Recalling a particular moment, he said: “When we said we were going to do Mrs Brown’s the musical, Danny was the one who said, ‘I think this is a bad idea’.

“And then on the opening night, he was the first one to put his hand on my shoulder and say, ‘This is the best thing you’ve ever written, it’s the funniest ever’.

“They’re not afraid to go, ‘Listen I don’t know if this will work dad’ and I’ll have a look at it again, but if I think it will, then we carry on with it.”

Back in 2014, the Agnes Brown star admitted Jenny would’ve liked the pair to have had children together.


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He told The Sun: “Jenny doesn’t have children.

“Over the years there have been times when I would get a bit broody and she did too, but she was also step-mum to my children.

“I would have loved to have seen what a baby from me and Jen would be like and we did say, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to have a baby’, because we love kids.”

Tonight, the pair will return for All Round to Mrs Brown’s, the final episode of the series.

Guests include Jonathan Ross, Judge Rinder,The Nolans and Fleur East.

All Round To Mrs Brown’s continues tonight at 9.15pm on BBC One.

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