Ed Brown SWEARS He Didn’t Do 90 Day Fiance for Fame: I Loved Rose!

As 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days viewers saw this week, Rosemarie Vega thinks that Big Ed Brown is a terrible person.

Since that episode filmed, she has gone on to accuse Ed of using her for fame and of generally being a liar.

Ed certainly does seem to enjoy being famous.

There's nothing inherently wrong with giving interviews or engaging with one's fans, but Ed seems to have a zeal for it.

Did he start this relationship with the sole intention of getting on TV and becoming famous?

That would certainly explain why he strung Rosamarie along for ages before dropping a relationship-ending bombshell in her lap.

But Big Ed is claiming that becoming famous was just an accident.

1.Was Big Ed just in this for fame?

2.Rosemarie is NOT happy with Ed

3.She knows him better than any viewers do

4.She really did love him

5.But he lied to her

6.Somehow, Ed was shocked

7.He was counting on her to give in

8.That hasn't slowed down Ed in the slightest

9.He has a VERY high opinion of himself

10.Ed got called out

11.Did he do all of this for fame?

12.That's what Rosemarie says

13.And there's more

14.Ed has heard the accusations

15.He argues that he'd have behaved differently

16.He reiterates his defense that he just naturally says dumb things

17.Ed certainly seems to make blunders

18.First, there was this

19.But then …

20.Is he really banned from IG Live?

21.Notice that a comment mentions accusations against Ed


23.Also …

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