Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Jirah Threatens to Stab Bhad Bhabie After Sister YaYa’s Arrest

The 15-year-old daughter of the former pro boxer and the 17-year-old rapper are feuding on Instagram after Jirah pokes fun at Bhabie over her response to accusations that she’s trying to be African American.

AceShowbizFloyd Mayweather, Jr.‘s daughter Jirah Mayweather is among those who are not having it after Bhad Bhabie a.k.a. Danielle Bregoli defended herself against allegations that she’s trying to look like black people. The 15-year-old, however, took it to the next level by making a threat to the rapper.

Jirah apparently has been keeping up with the “These Heaux” hitmaker’s social media activities. Poking fun at the 17-year-old star, she posted on her own account a clip that featured a compilation of Bhabie’s Instagram videos and photos, including a clip in which she said, “Who wants to be Black?”

Catching wind of this, Bhabie then posted on her Instagram Stories, “Ay tell @jirahmayweather imma smack tf outta her when I see her.” The daughter of the former professional boxing champion then responded by posting on her own Story, “@bhadbhabie we don’t fight b***hes around here we stab em,” seemingly alluding to her half-sister YaYa a.k.a. Iyanna Mayweather‘s recent stabbing incident.

Unsurprisingly, Internet users were not impressed with Jirah’s threat of violence, with one commenting, “So just because Danielle is white you guys are okay with threatening her and harassing her and bullying her?. Then don’t get mad when you black females get offended. And oh yes keep supporting young girls to stab each other.”

Another expressed concern that all of Floyd’s children will someday end up in trouble. “Damn Imagine all yo kids getting locked up for stabbing everybody about the same n***a && crazy thing is the daddy a damn boxer,” the said person wrote. Another asked the boxing promoter to do something about Jirah, “Floyd, come get your other daughter before she serves life too.”

Meanwhile, some others blamed the parents for Jirah and her siblings’ aggressive behavior. “I’m not at all surprised at how his children have turned out,” someone weighed in. Another shaded Floyd’s family, “The whole family is aggressive smh I can see where they get it from considering Floyd is abusive too. I don’t feel bad for her though.”

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