Jackson Browne Shares New Single ‘Downhill From Everywhere’

Jackson Browne unveiled new song, titled “Downhill From Everywhere,” ahead of Earth Day on Wednesday.

The song is part of his upcoming studio album, which is scheduled to release on October 9.

“Downhill from everywhere/Downhill from all you see/The ocean is downhill from gravity,” the singer-songwriter sings. “Downhill from here/Downhill from everywhere/Downhill from all of humanity.”

The song also features in a documentary about the hazards of plastic pollution.

The film, titled, The Story of Plastic, will premiere on the Discovery Channel on April 22.

Speaking about the cost of plastic pollution, Browne told Rolling Stone, “Plastic is a great and really useful thing. But it’s just absurd that we use it to deliver things, just to deliver water to people in packaging.”

“That stuff will be around for hundreds of years and does not biodegrade. So this movement has got a lot of attention and a lot of support. Because it’s so obvious to people that it’s a problem. It’s no longer something that can be sort of swept under the rug,” he added.

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