Jeremy Clarkson defends Gordon Ramsay isolating in Cornwall holiday home and says his neighbours are ‘jealous’

Jeremy Clarkson has defended celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay for choosing to isolate in their country homes during the coronavirus lockdown.

Celebrity chef Gordon, 53, has received backlash and angered locals for leaving his London home to head to his seaside Cornwall abode with his family.

In his Sunday Times column, Jeremy wrote that he was starting to disagree with the belief that the pandemic is "bringing out the best" in most people.

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The 60 year old Grand Tour host wrote: “The lockdown is turning most people into monsters… all of which brings us, naturally, to Gordon Ramsay.

"He decided that if he was going to have to stay at home, the home he'd like to stay at was his backup pad in Cornwall.

"If the virus had brought out the best in his neighbours, they'd have left a nice cake and a welcoming trug full of vegetables outside his front door.

"Instead, they're all running around saying the crinkly old b**tard should bugger off back to Scotland."

He continued: "We can't blame what we can't see, so we are lashing out at people walking in the Peak District and sunbathers and Gordon Ramsay and those poor souls who host the daily press conferences and Jeff Bezos and anyone who we think is better off than we are.

"The real reason people resent these weekenders is bitterness. It's petty jealousy."

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It comes after a pal of Gordon’s hit out at the backlash, insisting he has done nothing wrong.

They told Mirror Online: “The family see Cornwall as their family home, when the kids are back from uni and Gordon back from filming around the world, it's where they spend all their family time together.

"They've been spending time there for 10 years and [eldest son] Jack actually lives in the house there full time too.

"Most of their neighbours are so welcoming and they love being part of the community.

"They've followed the government advice along with the rest of the country since they arrived on March 20th and the campaign against them is hurtful and unnecessary at a time when we should all be coming together and supporting each other."

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