Kylie Jenner Shows Off Stormi Webster’s Impeccable Patience in a New Video

Does Stormi Webster ever fail to impress us? She hasn’t let us down yet.

On Monday, Stormi’s mom, Kylie Jenner, took to Instagram to share a video of her daughter participating in the viral #FruitSnackChallenge. For context, parents have been filming their young children, challenging them to not eat readily available snacks while they temporarily walk away. As a result, charming quick clips of babies and toddlers struggling to resist the urge to binge on an unattended array of treats have been flooding the Internet.

Stormi is not your average two-year-old, however. In the shared clip, Jenner can be seen explaining to her daughter the premise of the game, while Stormi adorably nods in agreement to the challenge. Instead of fruit snacks, Jenner sets out a sizable bowl of pastel-hued M&M’s—because this is the Jenner household after all.

“I’m going to put the chocolates right here, okay?” Jenner can be heard explaining to Stormi.

“Okay!” chimes in Stormi in the sweetest toddler tone we’ve probably ever heard. Stormi is still human, however, and attempts to dig into the bowl of candy before Jenner reminds her she has to wait until she returns to receive her reward.

“Are you going to wait for Mommy?” Jenner asks her daughter again before leaving.

“Yeah!” assures Stormi.

While waiting for Jenner, Stormi quizzically looks around the room, and then decides to burst into song, singing, “Patience, patience, patience …,” before squealing with delight upon her mother’s return.

The lovable, unfiltered moment quickly inspired a slew of commentary on Twitter praising not only Stormi’s impressive practice of patience but also celebrating the fact that she’s simply so freaking cute. We’ve rounded up the best reactions below.

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