Lauren Goodger breaks down into tears and admits she didn’t mean to offend newest TOWIE cast

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Lauren Goodger has opened up on her Instagram story and revealed she is "upset" after she said the original cast of TOWIE were more "real" than the newer stars.

The mum to be made a name for herself on the show back in 2010 and explained she and other cast members didn't have the same things as the stars do now, including hair extensions, botox, fillers and having their make up done professionally before going on set.

Speaking to Robert Hisee's on his MindKite podcast, Lauren said: "It was so much more innocent and genuine. Now, you've got these 19 year olds – they've had so much work done. We didn't – we came on and did our own make up.

"They've got hair and make up, stylists, extensions… we were real, no extensions no nothing. It was what it was. We done all our own make up, everything. Even the adverts, we did our own make up and took our own clothes."

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She later said: "We won a BAFTA for the first series – it was such a hit. Now, there's so many reality stars – Jesus, I don't even know half of 'em."

Lauren, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Charles Drury, wanted to clear things up and explain she never "slagged anyone off" and it was never said in a "negative way" on the episode.

"I wasn't going to do this because I've just spent the entire morning crying my eyes out," she began. "I look an absolute mess and I have to do this because normally I just let things go and I'm absolutely sick to death of them taking everything out of context of what I say and twisting it out of a whole hour's podcast.

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"They've got a tiny little sentence and haven't played the whole thing of what subject we were on, what we was talking about, and it's just not fair. I've never slagged anyone off personally I never would do that as much as they try and manipulate everything I do to make me out to be a bad person which I'm definitely not."

Lauren went on to explain what the episode of the podcast was about, adding: "We were talking about the past, when I was on TOWIE and what we had and didn't have and how generations today of 19 year olds have fillers and botox, hair extensions, having their make up done.

"It isn't personal to anyone. I never ever would say anything personal about about anyone. It's just the difference of today from when we started filming; what we had and didn't have done, when we first started to what everyone has done now.

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"That is what's changed. And I'm not against that. It's not a negative thing. It wasn't said in a negative way, if you actually listen to all of it, it's just a chat on mental health and the changes of when we did TOWIE."

The star then confessed it has upset her as she shared: "It's not meant to come across as nasty. It's really upsetting. It really is upsetting to me. I never, ever, show this side of me because I am strong and I can deal with it but I can't deal with it when I'm pregnant."

Lauren later urged her followers to listen to the whole episode as she stressed she isn't a bad person.

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"If you don't understand that and if you don't want to listen to the whole thing, it's just a shame this is what I have to go through and as much as they try to make me out to be a bad person, that I am definitely definitely not," she said.

The Essex star finished off by saying: "I would never want to say anything personal or upset anyone. If this is what you've wanted online, to make a pregnant lady feel like this and waking up to deal with this, I've got half an hour now until a zoom interview which is something positive about the gender of my baby.

"I can't even talk. I don't want to leave it on a bad note. I'm going to carry on with my day like I do, I'm not ignoring this because I'm sick of it."

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