Lil Nas X unveils hilarious, 'Montero'-inspired T-shirt line, plus more news

Lil Nas X pokes fun at the reception to his ‘Montero’ video with jokey new T-shirt collection

Lil Nas X isn’t done making controversial merch to promote his racy, Satan-centric video for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).” Although production of the “Old Town Road” singer’s “Montero”-inspired sneakers was put on hold by a court order — turns out you can’t add a pentagram and a drop of human blood to Nike Air Max 97s and then sell them for $1,018, swoosh and all —Nas X has unveiled a line of T-shirts emblazoned with similar themes. The $33 tees, made in collaboration with Pizzaslime, go straight for the laughs with quips about the video’s controversial imagery, which shows Nas X sliding down a stripper pole to give the devil a lap dance. Per Page Six, one shirt has a giant “I [heart] Jesus” line at the top. Beneath that, in tiny font, the shirt’s message says, “and that one part in the ‘Montero’ music video by Lil Nas X when he gets nasty with the devil because it was a cool form of self-expression and art.” A second tee reads, “I watched the ‘Montero’ video by Lil Nas X and all I got was this lousy shirt and now I’m also gay and love Satan.” MSCHF, the Brooklyn-based company that made the singer’s sneakers, reportedly agreed to recall the kicks after being accused by Nike of copyright infringement. Nas X, who is openly gay, has pushed back at criticism from parents who say he’s a bad influence on kids, asserting that he’s simply being true to himself.

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Pete Davidson, Phoebe Dynevor fuel romance rumors with matching initial necklaces

Earlier this month, Pete Davidson seemed to confirm rumors he’s dating “Bridgerton” star Phoebe Dynevor in a sweet, if vague way. Asked to name his celebrity crush during a virtual conversation hosted by Marquette University, the “SNL” star replied, “I’m with my celebrity crush. That’s all I can say.” That may be all Pete can say, but his current jewelry situation seems to be saying a little more. Page Six noticed this week that Pete and Phoebe have started wearing the same necklace. It’s a simple silver chain with a lower case “pd” charm pendant. Pete had it on when he appeared on “The Tonight Show” on April 6, and Phoebe wore it, or a necklace just like it, in a YouTube video for International Women’s Day on March 8 — the same month Pete and Phoebe were spotted together a number of times in England.

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Chrissy Teigen returns to Twitter 23 days after her emotional ‘goodbye’

Less than a month after Chrissy Teigen announced she was leaving Twitter, having decided “the pain” of not making people happy on the platform “was too much” for her to bear, Chrissy has — surprise! — resurfaced. And she’s determined to “take the good with the bad,” according to her first @chrissyteigen 2.0 tweet. “Turns out it feels TERRIBLE to silence yourself and also no longer enjoy belly chuckles randomly throughout the day and also lose like 2000 friends at once lol,” she said of her return on April 16. Asked for some general life updates from a fan, Chrissy replied, “I’ve spent weeks just saying tweets to shampoo bottles,” an uber-relatable sentiment for those of us prone to early 2020 lockdown flashbacks. Within a few hours, she appeared to have her tweet groove back. Sharing a photo of her daughter, Luna, checking out the world through a telescope bigger than she is, Chrissy asked a quick a favor of NASA: “@NASA hello I’m with a high powered telescope right now, can you tell the space station to wave!!!!!” When the model and cookbook author left Twitter on March 24, she seemed to be consumed withfrustration and emotionally scarred from some of the things people have apparently said to or about her. “I encourage you to know and never forget that your words matter,” she urged followers. “No matter what you see, what that person portrays, or your intention. For years I have taken so many small, 2-follower count punches that at this point, I am honestly deeply bruised.” She added that after years of using Twitter, she never learned “how to block out the negativity.”

Amanda Seyfried reveals she hid her pregnancy on the set of Oscar-nominated ‘Mank’

“Mank” is up for a jaw-dropping 10 Academy Awards this year, including a Best Supporting Actress nod for Amanda Seyfried, who plays the Jazz Age motion picture star Marion Davies in the film, which focuses on screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz’s life in Hollywood as he was writing “Citizen Kane.” As it turns out, Amanda probably deserves some kind of motherhood award for her contribution to the film, too. In a chat with Julianne Moore this week for  Vanity Fair Cocktail Hour, Live!, Amanda revealed she spent much of her time on the “Mank” set hiding the fact that she was pregnant with her second child, Thomas, who was born in September. “I’m so glad because I love my son but I was so ill,” she admitted. “The weekend before one of the big scenes where actually I don’t have any lines … I thought that it was going to be a little easier [even] knowing that I was going to have to be in the makeup chair at 3:30 [a.m.] on one of the days,” she explained. But “a little easier” didn’t do much to quell her dread. “I was in bed the whole weekend thinking, ‘I don’t think I can do this. I can’t be sick and working with David Fincher and play Marion Davies at the same time.'” Still, she soldiered on, telling no one about her pregnancy but costume designer Trish Summerville. So how did she share the news to the person tasked with dressing her to the nines in Old Hollywood couture each day? “[I said], ‘I’m four and a half weeks pregnant, I’m not supposed to say anything but I’m bloated and I can only eat cream cheese!'” Here’s the coverage power of ostrich feathers.

New DMX song released posthumously as Swizz Beatz continues to honor late rapper

One week after DMX was taken off life support following an apparent drug overdose, the rapper’s fans have a new way to appreciate his vast talent. On April 16, Epix released “Been To War,” a new track from DMX, Swizz Beatz and French Montana. The song appears in Season 2 of the network’s “Godfather of Harlem” series. X and Swizz were longtime friends and collaborators, and X seems never to be far from Swizz’s thoughts in the wake of the rapper’s untimely death at age 50. One of a slew of stars who paid tribute to X on social media last week, Swizz has continued posting about his late friend, editing his Twitter bio to read, “DMX THE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,” and sharing photos from studio sessions on Instagram alongside captions like, “The light was always on you my brother X .” On April 15, Swizz spotted an “X” in the clouds, seemingly written in vapor trails from a plane. “My brother in heaven running things already,” he captioned a pic of the “X” on Instagram.

Scarlett Johansson’s daughter didn’t recognize her mom in ‘Home Alone 3’ at age 11

Like so many of us, Scarlett Johansson found herself digging into the crates of yore when it came to watching movies in quarantine — except in Scarlett’s case, she actually appeared in some of the films. Not that her 6-year-old daughter, Rose, noticed. “We definitely dug back into the nostalgic ’90s movies,” Scarlett tells People in a new interview. Asked which flicks made the cut, she revealed that since her daughter loved “Home Alone” and “Home Alone 2,” she figured Rose should see “Home Alone 3,” which was one of Scarlett’s first major feature film appearances at age 11. She didn’t tell Rose that, though. “I just wanted her to make the discovery,” she says, laughing. “Of course, she didn’t because how can an 11-year-old me remind her of me now?” Once her mom gave her a little nudge, though, Rose figured it out. “I said, ‘Who’s that person?!'” Scarlett recalled. “She was like, ‘You?'” Ding! Ding! Ding!

Mossimo Giannulli released from home confinement one day early

Mossimo Giannulli is a free man. TMZ reports the designer was released from his home confinement sentence one day early on April 16, thanks to a policy that allows convicts to be released early when their release date falls on a weekend or holiday. Mossimo was originally sentenced to serve five months in prison for his role in the college admissions cheating scandal. He was ultimately released a few weeks early but ordered to home confinement until the end of his term. His wife, Lori Loughlin, completed her two-month sentence at the end of last year. Accused of paying $500,000 in bribe money to get their daughters into USC, the couple took a plea deal last spring, pleading guilty to charges including conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud.

Matthew Morrison, Renee Morrison reveal baby No. 2 is on the way

Former “Glee” star Matthew Morrison and his wife, actress Renee Morrison, are expecting their second child. The couple shared their exciting news on Instagram on April 16, along with an art piece they commissioned from Marco Santini based on an Ultrasound of their baby-to-be. “The thing that resonates most when I look back on this past year is the amplification of love that our little tribe has been gifted,” wrote Matthew, 42. “We have had the time to fill our cups with wonder, conversation, and the joys of watching our toddler thrive,” he continued, referencing their 3-year-old son, Revel. “After 3 miscarriages, a pandemic, and the loss of many loved ones…. Renee, Revel, and I are elated to be bringing a little joy into the world. Patience, reflection, and introspection are a few of the many tools that we have learned this year. And we are excited to bring those tools into our parenting.” He added that they plan to keep the baby’s sex a surprise. “Can’t wait to meet our little baby boy/girl? Who knows!” Matthew told followers. “We are waiting for the big day to greet the being that will change our family yet again!” Matthew and Renee said “I do” in 2014.

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