Martin Lewis candidly admits his strong work ethic has never been good for his wellbeing

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Everybody’s favourite money advisor Martin Lewis, 49, works extremely hard to make sure we all have the most important consumer based information at hand when making decisions that will affect our day to day lives and interests. But the Money Saving Expert admitted candidly to a fan that while his strong work ethic benefits the nation – and for which we are eternally grateful – it’s not always had the best impact on his own well-being.

My productivity solution is just work harder – which has never been good for my wellbeing

Martin Lewis

Everyone has their own work/life balance mapped out for what suits them, and Martin revealed he sometimes struggles to switch off.

On Tuesday, he told his Twitter followers that he was off to Glasgow to film with Richard Osman for the latest episode of his show House of Games.

And while some may have used the time to kick back on the train and relax, he felt he needed to be getting on with some work instead, as the signal was too good to miss out on.

“Right. Need to go back to working on the weekly email,” he tweeted.

“Must not be distracted by Twitter.”

He added: “Annoyingly the signal has been pretty good – I could do with it cutting out for an hour or so – to help concentration!”

One fan wondered how he stays so productive, asking: “What are your best tips for productivity?! Intrigued.”

It wasn’t long before the TV star replied: “I’m good with money.

“But my productivity solution is just work harder – which has never been good for my wellbeing.”

He then quipped: “I wouldn’t listen to me on this one.”

The fan was grateful for the response, and praised him for sharing this own strategy when it comes to work.

“Thanks! Interesting to hear from successful people on their strategy,” they wrote back.

“Must work to an extent! Agree on the work/life balance element though.”

It comes after Martin teased his competitive streak will surely come out during filming for the game show.

“On the long train to Glasgow, to record @richardosman House of Games tomorrow,” he penned.

“I couldn’t resist doing it, as it’s a great show and I love games.”

He quickly added: “However I am ferociously competitive so trying to coach myself to try and stow that, or I’ll get in the zone, and miss all the fun.”

Following his post, host Richard had a few words of advice for his guest.

“Remember to pace yourself,” he warned.

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