Meyers Leonard's Twitch Ban Lifted After Anti-Semitic Slur

Meyers Leonard is free to stream on Twitch again — we’ve learned his ban has been lifted just over a week after he used an anti-Semitic slur during a video game session.

Remember, the former Miami Heat player was playing “Call of Duty” on March 9 when he hurled the K-word at an opposing player.

Twitch immediately blocked Leonard from the platform — and the NBA hit Meyers with a $50k fine and a 1-week suspension.

Leonard apologized for using the slur and he’s been working with various Jewish leaders to educate himself about why the word is dangerous and offensive ever since.

Now, Leonard’s Twitch account has been reactivated — which means he can get back to playing games in front of his 69,000 followers.

So far, Leonard has not logged back on — and we’re told he doesn’t plan on doing so for a while — while he continues to focus on educating himself.

In the meantime, Leonard has been traded from the Miami Heat to the OKC Thunder (though the Thunder don’t plan on keeping him) … and Meyers’ wife issued a statement thanking the Heat franchise and the fan base.

“Our experience with the Heat has been anything but ordinary. Yet, it was nothing but exceptional”, Elle Leonard said in a statement on social media.

“Miami truly shines brighter with a family like the Heat.”

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