Naga Munchetty told be reasonable while quizzing MEP over language amid Brexit row

Daniel Hannan grilled on 'thriving business' after Brexit

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Naga Munchetty, 46, asked for some clarification after speaking with Lord Daniel Hannan about the impact Brexit has had on businesses across the UK. The MEP stated what companies he thought would benefit more from the trade deal, but the Radio 5 Live host wanted to know if businesses had actually spoken out and said ‘Thank you’.

You’ve got to be reasonable about this!

Lord Hannan

During her radio show, Lord Hannan said: “On the day of Brexit, obviously we still had all the EU regulations, so that is a accumulative growth.

“But businesses that are doing better are the ones for example, that are going to benefit from our trade deal.”

He briefly mentioned a couple of companies but Naga quickly interrupted him.

“I just want to pin you down on your language,” she said.

“You said this will happen…

“Today, has a business owner said to you ‘Thank you, because of Brexit my business is thriving now?'” she pressed, unsure of the answer she would receive.

There as a brief pause as Lord Hannan responded before taking a breath as he changed tack, asking Naga to see the bigger picture.

“You’ve got to be reasonable about this!” he exclaimed.

“On the day of Brexit we have all the same rules as the EU, so for course it’s not going to be that date that things get better.

“But business owners understand that this is a process and not an event.”

He went on to detail his forecast for the future of UK businesses, saying: “I think there are a lot of sectors, from food processing to financial services to the arts market, that will now be able to flourish under better regulations than we had dictated from Brussels.”

In other news, Naga received some expert advice on how to deal with abuse online, following Chrissy Teigen’s public apology to all those she’s wronged in the past by her “troll” behaviour on Twitter.

Her confession promoted many a conversation on how we deal with online abuse with Naga revealing her own mechanisms.

Chatting with guest Sally and internet psychologist Graham Jones, she admitted tackling the bullies head-on made her feel much better.

“When I’m trolled, which happens everyday, if I get something that really enrages me, I retweet it with a comment,” she explained.

“I call them out because I’m not having it.”

Sally had previously revealed that she prefers to leave the comments be, saying: “There’s nothing I can do so I don’t do anything.”

Naga appreciated that is her choice of reaction, but called on Graham to decipher which approach is “healthier”.

“There are personality factors that come into play here, so we can’t say there is a right or wrong way of responding to these things,” he replied.

“If you get into, as Chrissy Teigen did, this negative spiral of somebody saying something negative to you and you say something negative back, then inevitably your behaviour changes because you are disassociating them as a human being yourself.

“You become more more likely to do it, so I wouldn’t get drawn into these conversations,” he advised.

Directing his attention to Naga, he said: “If you’re just retweeting it once and be done with it, that’s fine.”

But he went on to explain that if someone continued to fight with the bullies then they too start to behave like them, likening the situation to a school fight because they’re responding to the social situation.

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