North Korea Blasts 'Squid Game' as 'Beastly South Korean Society'

“Squid Game” is the No. 1 show on Netflix in 90 different countries … but North Korea’s blasting it as a “sad reality of a beastly South Korean society.”

The North Korean propaganda website, Arirang Meari, chimed in with its review of the survival-game drama … claiming the show “gained popularity because it exposes the reality of South Korean capitalist culture.”

The site went on to claim the show exposes “a world where only money matters — a hell-like horror.” The site views South Korea’s capitalist culture as a place where “corruption and immoral scoundrels are commonplace.”

The propaganda site also reportedly cited unnamed South Korean film critics saying the series shows an “unequal society where moneyless people are treated like chess pieces for the rich.”

The 9-episode thriller pits cash-strapped contestants playing childhood games with deadly consequences … and the last person standing taking home a pot worth $38 million.

The propaganda site is pissed about the plotline saying, “It is said that it makes people realize the sad reality of the beastly South Korean society in which human beings are driven into extreme competition and their humanity is being wiped out.”

Netflix dropped “Squid Game” in September and it’s the streamer’s most successful show ever. BTW, North Korea levies stiff fines, and even prison, to anyone caught watching South Korean content. That the outlet’s not a fan of the show should be no surprise.

Earlier this year … the same outlet called K-pop stars corporate “slaves” who live a “miserable life” in South Korea.

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