Olivia Rodrigo Writes Song About Self Sabotaging Because of Social Media

Olivia Rodrigo shared a new song with an important message.

The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star went down an Instagram hole of self sabotaging and wrote a song about it.

“today I took the classic Instagram dive, comparing myself to girls incessantly and wishing I had what they looked like they had. it’s so silly how we/i define ourselves by the most arbitrary things and idolize ppl who are humans just like us,” Olivia wrote on her Instagram.

“Anyway, i wrote this song today about the tendency I have to go down this self sabotaging hole and now I’m posting it on Instagram because I love irony. if ur reading this pls know that ur value is so inherent. it’s not something that could ever be defined by something as contrived and manipulative as social media. you are so loved!” she continued.

Olivia also recently covered a Taylor Swift song and the superstar responded to her cover!

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