OMG Liam Hemsworth Has A Nose Ring Now? His Fans Are Not OK!

Say what?? Liam Hemsworth has a nose ring?

Well, it sure looked like that on Instagram Monday when the Hollywood actor uploaded a new selfie posing under the sun with his pup. Members of his 13.4 million following quickly began to freak the f**k out — until they realized the new bling wasn’t actually there at all…

It turns out what appeared to be a shiny new piece of jewelry was actually just the light shining on his dog’s whiskers! LOLz! See what we mean for yourself (below)!

Looked pretty convincing at first glance, right?! And the actor’s caption (“dazed and confused”) really does capture how fans were feeling in the comments section. IG was filled with reactions like:

“thought you got a nose ring and almost fainted”

“I thought that was a nose ring, then realized it was the dog’s whisker”

“Thought You had a nose ring for second.. def would look greatttttttt”

“More shirtless pics mate….. I’m not following you to see that rig covered up”

“pups whisker looks like a nose ring on you & if we’re being honest, I don’t hate it”


Wow, who knew a piece of nonexistent jewelry could make so many people so happy? Maybe it really is time for the Byron Bay resident to get a piercing — can you imagine how the internet would react then?

Given that The Last Song lead is apparently not doing so hot on the job front these days, maybe this nose ring excitement is what he needed to get his name out there again? Perhaps throwing on a fake ring during a self-tape would land him his next gig??

While Chris Hemsworth is out galavanting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a source told Woman’s Day magazine in early April:

“Liam has been at a bit of a loose end in the past couple of years.”

After his very public split with Miley Cyrus, the performer hasn’t been catching the eye of many producers lately. The inside dished:

“The movie scripts haven’t exactly been piling up at his door, and his divorce from Miley Cyrus took the wind out of his sails.”

Sad! He’s even appeared to have a bit of a falling out with the Thor actor.

“Liam and Chris have been inseparable throughout their careers, but lately Liam hasn’t seemed to be such a fixture among Chris’ social circle.”

It’s gotten so bad the 31-year-old even feels “left out” as he’s watched A-lister’s travel to the country to meet up with his big bro, who supposedly acts as a “ringleader” of celebs. While it kinda sounds like we’re talking about 7-year-olds and not 30-somethings, we totally get out how the natural competition and comparison between the siblings was bound to drive a wedge between the two. Hopefully that’ll change in the future!

Luckily, Liam has found solace in his girlfriend Gabriella Brooks. The pair have been dating for over a year now, linking up directly after the beau’s divorce. And they’re pretty stinking cute together, too! We wonder what she thinks of a possible nose ring?? What about YOU, Perezcious readers — yay or nay on the bling? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

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