Parler CEO says Facebook demoting content ‘very worrying’

Parler CEO: Facebook censorship, knowledge of harmful effects ‘very worrying’

Parler CEO George Farmer criticizes Facebook for allegedly moderating selective content to ‘VIP’ accounts and knowing about harmful effects of its products.

George Farmer, the CEO Parler, told FOX Business’ "Mornings with Maria" Friday, Facebook was "almost certainly" trying to censor free speech after it published guidelines to offer more information about how content is distributed on the platform. 

"They promoted content that they believe is in line with their ideological views and they demote content which they find to be outside the purview of mainstream conversation," Farmer told host Maria Bartiromo.

"That's very worrying," he continued.

Facebook came under recent scrutiny after a Wall Street Journal investigation detailed intimate knowledge of flaws that riddle its system – flaws that can cause harm. The Journal reviewed documents and research reports, along with online employee discussions.

A key piece of that report found that the company also knew of the harmful effects its products – most notably Instagram – could be on the health of teenage girls.


Farmer, the leader of a social media platform dedicated to free speech, warned that Big Tech giants are becoming "a country within a country," and regularly abuse their powers.

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Sources confirmed to FOX Business Thursday that the whistleblower involved in the investigation has agreed to cooperate and testify before Congress by the end of the year amid the claims, and Facebook will send its global head of safety to appear in front of the Senate Commerce Committee Consumer protection panel.

"Congress is now looking to strike back," Farmer said, "and I think this is one issue which really unites both sides of the House."


Farmer believes the government plays a large role in Big Tech regulation.

"[Big Tech companies] have become so massive and unwieldy. They are monopolies. They are a case for potentially antitrust legislation," Farmer said. 

FOX Business’ Peter Aitken contributed to this report.

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