Rachel McAdams Makes Rare Comments About Her 2-Year-Old Son!

Rachel McAdams is opening up about life in quarantine and she’s making some rare comments about her baby boy!

The 41-year-old The Notebook actress and her boyfriend Jamie Linden are parents to a two-year-old boy and they’ve kept their family life very private so far.

Rachel said that she has a “very welcome distraction” during quarantine – her son!

“That’s pretty much what I do… all the time,” Rachel added. “He’s so entertaining! I thought about, ‘Would I rather be alone in quarantine? Or with my family?’ You know, there are days sure, but I mean I would be so bored without him around to make it so fun.”

“We live sort of out in the country, a little farm down the road, so we can go and look at the animals,” she added. “We’ve been doing some planting, some okra, well, I mean, I do the planting and he snacks most of the day.”

You can watch Rachel speak at about the 4 hr, 17 min mark!

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