Rihanna Wore Thong Heels With an Impossible-to-Get Bag

After dressing up for date night, Rihanna went casual for her next outing in Los Angeles. She traded in her fringed mini and leather outerwear for a more laid-back ensemble, which happened to include one of the hardest-to-get bags du jour combined with one of the most controversial shoe trends: high-heel flip-flops. Her entire outfit seemed to be a throwback to the '00s, with a navy blue tracksuit (though it was Adidas, not Juicy Couture), Fenty heels, a trucker hat by Esso, and a huge white bowling bag from the Prada and Adidas collaboration.

The whole look is a huge 180 from some of fashion's most popular trends, like tiny micro bags and sleek minimalism, though her recent embrace of throwback looks (she wore vintage Marc Jacobs and Gucci a few weeks ago on a bookstore run) is keeping her at the forefront of everyone nostalgia for all things Aughts. 

Vogue notes Rih's bag was initially released in 2019 — and was a throwback to a style from 2000 — and Prada and Adidas only released 700 bundles (priced at $3,170, according to Sneaker News), which included the bag and a pair of Superstars. They promptly sold out and are now only available on resale sites. A second release of the shoes came in 2020, adding three colorways to the offering. Unfortunately for any collectors looking to grab the bag, it wasn't re-issued.

The easy casual look is just the latest statement-making outfit from Rihanna's closet. In addition to her vintage picks, she wore a black baseball cap with a matching mask and leather jacket to a Stop Asian Hate rally in New York City and vintage Versace shades with a Celine shirt for a trip to the grocery store.

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